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At Susanne Hanger Dance we aim to instil a love of dance in all our pupils. We believe that dancing is for everyone and we encourage all children to develop to their full potential. The skills, sense of discipline and participation learnt in their dance classes will cross over into all aspects of their lives.

At Susanne Hanger Dance we offer dance classes to children from 3yrs of age to the end of secondary school. All syllabus work is taught with the intention that students will work towards sitting an exam. Examinations are held annually through Theatrical Dance International (TDI) for all classes except our pre school classes. Pupils receive a report, certificate and medal at our end or year prize giving. Exams are held in the Tauranga Studio in November each year.

We have our own complex in Gate Pa, which has two studios, one large studio with sprung floor and a smaller studio also with a sprung floor.

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Susanne Hanger

Principal Teacher

Susanne has devoted herself to the development of dance enjoyment in Tauranga and Te Puke for over a 30-year period. Susanne has taught BBO, NZAMD and is now using a newly developed Theatrical Dance International (TDI) syllabus, which she feels meets the needs of today’s children.

Susanne has had the pleasure of teaching thousands of children to develop their dance skills over the years, many of her pupils are now returning with their own children.


Francis Rodrigues

Ballet & Contemporary Teacher

From the early age of five Francis Rodrigues had already acquired a tremendous love of dance and began lessons in Brazil in classical ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary.

At the age of 16, already formed in Academic Ballet, she was the youngest dancer to join “Transforma”, one of the best Jazz Companies in Brazil, receiving many awards in South America.

Francis has taught ballet, jazz and contemporary dance for more than 10 years and she has a passionate enthusiasm to pass on to her students the same love that she feels for the art of dance.

ballet & National

Ballet - Through the Theatrical Dance International (TDI) syllabus children are able to progress though a range of classes designed to meet their specific confidence and ability levels. From the basic movements of classical ballet they progress through the grades and mayor levels, developing their under-standing of technique, musicality and performance.

National Character is introduced into ballet classes to give children an insight into the wonderful music and dance styles of other countries. These dance styles further develop strength, rhythm and style.


  • Preliminary - Primary one class per week
  • Grade 1-5 have two classes per week
  • Majors have three classes per week
  • National Character is incorporated into ballet classes.


  • Preliminary - Primary Pink leotard
  • Grade 1-5 Teal leotard
  • Majors Black leotard
  • National Character skirts held at studio for use in class and exams
  • All levels tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun
  • Susanne Hanger Dance and production t-shirts can be worn in class

This style is introduced
into ballet classes at
major levels. This style incorporates all your dance techniques with an emphasis on an expressive and free dance style.


  • In term 1 contemporary is offered as an extra class for pupils choosing to participate in this style in our production.
  • Contemporary is incorporated into major ballet classes.


  • Black leotard, 3/4 black leggings, bare feet
    Hair in a french braid
  • Susanne Hanger Dance and production t-shirts can be worn in class





Jazz is a fun and popular dance option where children have the freedom to experiment with dance expression. In these classes we introduce pupils to the fundamentals of jazz, control, strength, energy and flexibility.


  • Held on Mondays


  • Leotard, bike pants for junior school, black pants or 3/4 black leggings for middle and senior school, black jazz shoes
  • All levels hair in braid or pony tail
  • Susanne Hanger Dance and production t-shirts can be worn in class



Tap dance is the most effective way to develop precision in rhythmic movement and sound. Pupils love the challenge presented by tap – they also love the sound.


  • Held on Mondays and Wednesdays


  • Navy leotard, tan fish net tights, Tap shoes
  • All levels hair in braid or pony tail
  • Susanne Hanger Dance and production t-shirts can be worn in class



Fairytale Dance Productions

At Susanne Hanger Dance we strongly believe
dance is a performance art.

All our pupils are given the opportunity to perform on stage at our
annual Fairytale Dance Production held at Baycourt Theatre during
the April school holidays. Each year our teachers, students and
parents unite to bring a long loved fairytale to life with the use of
wonderful costumes, props, lighting and music.

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Our experienced teachers love to enhance our pupil’s development through competition dances. Pupils wanting
to dance in competitions take private lessons to learn their
dances and take the opportunity to enter in competitions
around New Zealand.

We have a very supportive group of competition pupils
who always encourage each other and dance at competitions
for the love of it. Our pupils enjoy the challenge and reward
that comes with improving placings.

If your child is interested in doing competitions enquire with
your teacher.

Susanne Hanger Dance

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